Health@Home can help manage the challenges of aging through:


  • Assessing the client’s medical, psycho/social and living conditions to identify their care and safety needs and creating an individualized care plan designed to improve and sustain the client’s overall physical, mental and emotional health.

  • Implementing that individualized care plan by making appropriate referrals to physicians, home health agencies, community supports, provincial departments and associated health disciplines, Adult day programs, Hospice services and rehabilitation resources.

  • Visiting clients on site, as needed, to oversee and support their continued care; collaborating and communicating as a team with all services providers, client and family.

  • Serving as an advocate during doctor’s appointments or visiting health providers to make certain the client’s healthcare needs are met.

  • Coordinating assistance between paid providers and family, making appropriate referrals and updating the family through emails and phone calls.

  • Facilitating family meetings, if required, in a sensitive, neutral and unbiased manner to discuss client’s care plans, challenges and progress.

  • Helping families plan ahead and prepare for the long term, if remaining at home is no longer the safest option.

  • Bringing skilled knowledge, experience, compassion and calm to a time of crisis


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