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Roadmap to Success

For all families with an aging loved one in the Fredericton area



Our RoadMap to Success at Home program is the starting point for all clients. This program includes:


Initial Care Consultation where we confidentially discuss your unique family situation. Conducted with the primary caregiver (in person or by phone).


In-Home Assessment including medications, safety of the living environment, as well as physical, mental, social and emotional health. We assess how they are functioning at home, what are they are struggling with, and determine where they require assistance.


Written Care Plan with a summary of the assessment, professional recommendations, identification of resources and local supports that can be implemented right away, or in the future. This is a customized, comprehensive plan, that can be shared with other family members, and will encourage success at home for your loved one.


Two follow up visits where we go over the plan with you, answer any questions you might have, and assess any changes. Assistance is available to secure any recommended services.


Please note that your care plan may include recommendations for additional follow up visits. These home visits allow us to check on changes in health and other factors that may impact the customized care plan. Following each visit you will receive prompt and detailed communication via email, text, or phone call. and be kept informed of any significant change in care needs.


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